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Keyword Experte presents a free service
Keyword Experte commissioned this video to encourage visitors to sign up for a free analysis of their Adwords account.

What is Ecodesign?
This video targets medium and small producers of electrical and electronic appliances, to explain the value of ecodesign principles, and give a quick introduction on how to implement them.

InstantCard Product Presentation
This video presents the advantages offered by the InstantCard online photo ID production service.

Training video for Total
We developed this video for Total for their in-house training sessions on phone answering skills. Two versions, one in French and one in English.

Visual Explainer, to go!
This video shows how visual explanations can be downloaded to portable devices for on-the-go explanations.
Two versions, with and without music.

Resizing Digital Photos, Part 2: How to do it
This illustrated screencast shows how to resize a photo before sending it by email, using simple Windows tools.

thumbnail for digital photos filmResizing Digital Photos, Part 1: Why it's a good idea
This video is targeted at non-technical users of digital cameras. This is the first of two parts, the "why" which will be followed by the "how." The presentation contains animation and audio.

Project Phases in Software Development
This is a set of illustrations made for a consultant in CMMI process improvement. The toaster is a metaphor for software that is to be designed, developed, tested and delivered.

thumbnail for Zurich filmIntroducing the Out and About in Zurich Blog
This presentation seeks to increase the number of visits and comments to a community blog. The presentation contains animation and audio.

Presenting Visual Explainer
This is a brief introduction to the Visual Explainer concept.