Metaphors as visual tools

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May 19, 2009

Illustrations rely heavily on metaphors. How do you depict something intangible? When a client needed to illustrate the different stages of a software development project, we chose a toaster to carry the message.

This had two benefits. First, a toaster is easier to draw than software! Second, the whimsical representation of the product gave us a chance to make the illustrations more playful, and hopefully more fun to look at. The appeal to the viewer's imagination increases the likelihood the message will leave an impression.

View the full set of illustrations here.

InstantCard - Product presentation video

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InstantCard, an online producer of photo IDs, chose to illustrate their customers' pain, and how it can be cured, with visuals.

The hassles and the solution were fun to illustrate. This video required the depiction of multiple characters, various emotions, transcontinental exchanges and both online and physical products. This is a good example of how visuals can communicate a fairly complex message simply, in under two minutes.