Take visual explanations with you, on an iPod or cell phone

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This one-minute clip contains, in addition to the usual animated illustrations, a short recorded video as well as a musical background.

Visual explanations can be downloaded to an Ipod, a cell phone, or practically any portable media device. This lets you view presentations while you're on the road, and allows you to share them easily when you need to explain something to someone and there's no computer around. Companies can deliver presentations to employees via video podcast. Away from the noise of the office, the message is more likely to be heard.

About the music track
I used a royalty-free tune for the background music. While I think the music track is often not necessary for a good explanatory video, and can even be distracting, it can also make a presentation more light-hearted, or provide some clues to mood. Also in the case of this explanation there were some awkward silences that the music filled.

To see the difference the music makes, here is the same explanation, without the music track:

Which do you prefer? Leave a message in the contact section to let us know!